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ImmobilienScout24 @EXPO REAL 2017

EXPO REAL is a well-known international trade fair for real estate and investment, which takes place every year in Munich. This year ImmobilienScout24 participated as an exhibitor with a team of around 30 people plus FlowFact folks and a stand focusing on IS24 Gewerbeflächen (Commercial Spaces). We sat down with Annika Jungnickel- Zickfeld, Head of Customer Marketing, and Franziska Lange, Head of Commercial Sales, to talk about their expectations, results and future plans for other trade fairs.

1.What’s special about EXPO REAL 2017 for ImmobilienScout24?

Annika: It’s the biggest industry event with roughly 60,000 participants and THE place where people from the industry meet and where every professional player has to be. For us, it was really special to have for the first time our own fair stand where we could welcome our customers. It was also a great opportunity to have a joint customer event with colleagues from other market segments and FlowFact as well and to leverage synergies.

2. What were your main focuses in regard to commercial spaces and why did you choose them?

Franzi: The goal was to engage with our biggest and strategic customers to present the new Gewerbeflächen search which marks a turning point in the history of IS24 Gewerbeflächen. It is an entirely separate search from the IS24 residential search, including some unique features such as “Draw a search”, dedicated business districts and a fresh new look and feel in commercial BLUE. Additionally, we sponsored REIN – the real estate innovation pitch at EXPO REAL where Thomas Schroeter, one of ImmobilienScout24 Managing Directors, held a keynote speech and was juror for start-ups pitch event. That was important to underline IS24’s innovative culture.

3. How does the ImmobilienScout24 stand differ from others and what are the key takeaways for us?

Annika Our stand was made out of wood elements, had a fresh, Berlin start-up look which help us to present ourselves as a unique and innovative player in the digital real estate business. In addition, we were the only ones who offered “Kicker & Cocktails”, which means our customers could mingle with the team and play table football while enjoying some electronic music and some tasty drinks.

4. What are the plans for next year? Do you also think of attending other trade fairs or events?

Franzi: First impression was really positive and inspiring for a future stand at EXPO REAL. We had more than 70 dedicated meetings with commercial customers, not counting the numerous meetings that FlowFact, and the developer and finance colleagues had. The final ROI evaluation will show if we continue the stand in 2018.


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