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Fostering Customer Relationships with WhatsApp and Chatbots

Last week we had the pleasure to talk about the meaning of WhatsApp and Chatbots as new customer service tools at the CCW Conference 2017, Europe’s largest platform for knowledge transfer, networking, suppliers and service providers specializing in customer service and contact center management. We are convinced that both communication tools have the potential to change the relationship between a company and its customers.

There are several reasons for our decision to use WhatsApp. A year ago, the contact page of our Customer Care department was not even easy to find and we didn’t offer a variety of service channels for our customers. As a result, we were not able to provide high-quality service and want to iron out our mistakes from the past. In fact, we want to get closer to our customers and one of the solutions to approach them is to be where they are: WhatsApp. We also realized the implementation won’t be perfect from the beginning and it’s a learning- by- doing process. Indeed, the first challenge we had to overcome was to integrate this messaging tool into our customer care system since there is no common method. Even though we have been using WhatsApp since summer 2016 our experiences have shown that our customers really like it since it’s not only easy to use but also fun and emotional as well. It is a new kind of communication – and not only for our customers but also for us. The contact between both is even closer than before. We have our customers like a friend in our mobile phone and conversations are more individual now. This way of communication strengthens the relationship and increases customer loyalty. It is more than a new support channel because it improves the communication and the relationship with the customers. The results are quite impressive: we have been receiving 300 WhatsApp messages per month without promoting the service.

Using this new communications tool we are getting closer to our objective of providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. Just to give an example: We know that agents are often busy. In general, they do not spend the entire day in the office. They are often out – and while agents are on their move, they want to have an uncomplicated possibility to get in touch with us. The same is true for our consumers. In this way, we have become more agile and innovative. We provide our customers with the most useful information in the moment they need us most. We not only improve the relationship as well as we deliver a real value for them.

As a digitally mature company we are always looking for new ways to bring in innovations to support our consumers and customers. In fact, we are also experimenting with chatbots to stay connected with the customers all the time. One thing is for sure: chatbots cannot and will not replace human minds and services but they can support us in providing basic services to the customers in a very quick and effective way.

However, our customers always have the option to request a call-back in case their issue could not be solved sufficiently or definitely. As a result, the use of chatbots helps our customer service teams to be able to focus more on their key tasks: helping customers to be more successful, providing real benefits and additional knowledge, and proactive services.

What would you like to know more about WhatsApp and chatbots for Customer Care? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

About Carmen (‎Head of Customer Care at Scout24): 

I love customer service. To date I have been working for more than 15 years in the customer care/e-commerce industry. I love working with creative technologies and I am always looking for innovations. My love and passion are dedicated to people, customers and tech. Get in touch with me here:


About Kerstin (Team Manager of Customer Care at Scout24):

With a passion for communication and customer service I have been working now for more than 10 years in and with my favorite subject. Lecturing communication for several years focusing on man-machine-dialog I started as trainer in startups and took over team and project responsibility promptly. I love working with people improving communication strategies and customer satisfaction. Get in touch with me via Skype (kerstin-training) or email.


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