Accelerate your idea.

We are the startup accelerator YOU IS NOW founded in 2010 for early stage start-ups related to real estate and mobility

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What we offer

We provide an extensive mentoring program during the course of three months in our Berlin office.

The program covers all aspects of a company launch – from idea to product market fit, customer acquisition and fundraising

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Accelerator Program

Our aim is to kick-start great teams with great projects. We want to help web-technology startups build better products, attract additional funding and ultimately grow to more successful businesses. The accelerator program will take place two times a year in Berlin.

We are happy to receive your application.

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Happy to meet you

We host and support startup events across Berlin.

On a regular basis we do organize or host events like the UsabilityFix Berlin, the YouIsNowWeekend Hackathon or Valley in Berlin.

Hope to see you soon.

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Accelerator Program Berlin

Seed investment

  • 15.000 EUR kickoff funding for you

0% equity

  • No strings attached
  • The product stays in your hands

Internal mentoring

  • Onboarding program with experts in online marketing, tech, financing and many more
  • One-to-one sessions and coaching of experts
  • We help you build your product

Co-Working space

  • Available for 3 months
  • Located in the YOU IS NOW lab at the headquarters of ImmobilienScout24

External mentoring and networking opportunities

  • Weekly participation of current batch of Founders Institute Berlin
  • Weekly training from international experts
  • Utilisation of external mentors and networks in the relevant fields to grow lasting relationships

Special training sessions

  • Pitch training: We help founders prepare for their demo day, which occurs towards the end of each batch and allows companies to present their idea/vision/product to several investors, press representatives and the ImmobilienScout24 management.
  • Weekly trainings at the Founder Institute Berlin