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Objekt-Nr.: 50 10 4-01/E | Scout-ID: 114669097

*ONE PLACE TO BE* - *Attractive and generous apartment in exclusive new building near Königsallee*

995.000 €
131,8 m²
Wohnfläche ca.
Personenaufzug Balkon/ Terrasse Gäste-WC Keller Stufenloser Zugang Provisionsfrei

Die Geschwindigkeit beträgt bis zu 100 MBit/s  
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We offer a spacious and elegant urban domicile, on the 4th floor of an attractive new building, which, with 132sqm and a total of 4 rooms, guarantees plenty of space to unfold and offers a fantastic view over the district.

You enter the apartment through the self-contained entrance hall with cloakroom. Afterwards the view opens into the 43sqm large living and dining room with the opportunity to install an open fitted kitchen. Here is also the access to the balcony, which can be enjoyed with its quiet location to the courtyard.
Behind the living area then joins the private area with the three bedrooms and two bathrooms.
The back bedrooms are connected as an en-suite to the bathroom.

There are many exclusive addresses in Dusseldorf. But hardly anyone who skilfully combines the most diverse living environments in one place: Jahnstraße 1 - ONE PLACE TO BE. In a prime location, less than 50 meters from the Königsallee, a new center of life is being built in the heart of Düsseldorf. From small studios over larger sections to three penthouses, with views of the landmarks of the state capital, the Townhouse unites a wide variety of residential types from 45 to 220 square meters into a harmonious ensemble. With an architecture that, despite all the elegance of the form, is extremely representative without being in the foreground. This idea also follows the small piazza in front of the house, which creates a pleasant distance to the events of the nearby Königsallee. Just a short walk away are the River Rhine, the Old Town with first-class restaurants and bars, or cultural attractions such as K20 and K21.
Life is at your feet at the ONE PLACE TO BE, with the Kö on your doorstep and the colorful diversity of Friedrichstadt behind you. A place made for urban explorers and modern lifestyles.


- Representative Entrée
- Glass elevators
- Noble parquet floors
- Modern bathrooms
- Floor level showers
- High quality windows
- Stylish fittings and door handles

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ONE PLACE TO BE is an urban jewel, framed by the most beautiful things Düsseldorf has to offer. With the 'Königsallee' Düsseldorf's splendor boulevard is right outside the door. The location of the townhouse is the perfect starting point for culture, nature and nightlife. From here, the Rhine, just like the old town, is just a short walk away. At the southern end of the Rhine promenade lies the Media Harbor. Here is a modern office landscape with landmark architecture, such as the Gehry buildings, which is also a popular location in the nightlife, with restaurants, clubs and lounges. A few meters further, the Rhine Tower rises as the tallest building in the city, on the observation deck you can enjoy in addition to a spectacular view over the city also excellent cocktails. To the north, the path leads past the old town, which at the same time is a party mile and cultural heritage. Here, in addition to countless pubs and restaurants, there are also boutiques and galleries to discover. At the northern end of the old town, the high culture joins. One of the most important collections of twentieth-century art is located in K21 at Grabbeplatz, while the Tonhalle, on the Ehrenhof, is regularly ringing with concerts by famous musicians and symphony orchestras. With the Friedrichstadt district, a quarter adjoins the Jahnstraße, which attracts the young and the young at heart with its rough charm, beautiful old buildings and cultural diversity.


Whether modern highlights, noble details or rustic nuances - your apartment is ready for your individual style.
Bring your favorite furniture. Or leave
to be inspired again.
On request, you will receive your apartment in 'ONE PLACE TO BE' not only turnkey, but "ready to move in only with a suitcase". That means: Fully furnished with kitchen, furniture, lighting and accessories. You only have to fill the fridge.
This offer is part of a service that you only get from Leading Buildings. In the CADMAN CONCEPT STORE, in the Dreischeibenhaus / Düsseldorf, we are pleased to present you the possibilities of contemporary furnishings.
Let yourself be surprised by stylish designer furniture that is both casual and comfortable, unusual vases, beautiful crockery or unusual cutlery.
Or works of art that could soon decorate your home.
Of course, you can use the visit to Leading Buildings in Dreischeibenhaus only for information and inspiration. And for a nice conversation with a good coffee.
The Leading Buildings GmbH acts as a real estate agent. Permission acc. § 34c GewO of the city of Dusseldorf.
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