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Objekt-Nr.: 2-RMH-AQUA-engl | Scout-ID: 114082210

In a quiet and natural environment but near to the city! 5-room terraced house commission-free

765.192 €
147 m²
129 m²
Gäste-WC Keller Provisionsfrei

Die Geschwindigkeit beträgt bis zu 100 MBit/s  
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Perfect connection – quickly into the City, to the Airport, and into Nature

A new living quarter with 20 single-family homes in massive construction comes into being on the terrain of the `Alte Kelterei´. It is comparted into two groups with five and nine units, four semi-detached houses, two detached houses, an underground car park with 34 spaces as well as six outside parking spaces.

The design of the houses with appealing outside spaces will convey a lavish sense of space. The panorama windows create light-filled rooms.

You will buy your house ready for moving into directly from the owner – WITHOUT COMMISSION. Modern construction methods, professional know-how, and the experience of three generations contribute to this `Werkmann Unternehmensgruppe´ project.

Bad Vilbel is surrounded by fruit meadows. And where today the `Quartier Alte Kelterei´ comes into being with 20 single-family homes, apple juice was made before.
In 1930, Karl Rapp moved to Bad Vilbel with his beverage business and started making apple juice for private consumption in 1953. In the beginning, the juice bottles were corked by hand, bottle caps came into use later. Since the 1950s, the businesses property extended to the Schulstraße. In 1976, the business moved to the Bad Vilbel industrial park.



The oriel above the entrance area and the striking pitched roof give the mid-range house type Aqua a concise face. You can expect about 179 m² of living / usable space, spread over four levels which are accessible by an open staircase. The outside area is about 62 m².

The ground floor is dominated by a spacious combined living / dining area, which leads directly to your terrace and in the garden. The kitchen, the guest toilet and the cloakroom complete the space.
The upper floor offers plenty of privacy and tranquility for your family with its three bedrooms and the modern daylight bathroom.
The open studio in the attic with the cozy sloping ceilings offers flexible uses and the best conditions for relaxing. 
The house has a basement and offers space for housekeeping and storage space.
From the basement you get directly and comfortably in the underground car park, here is a parking space provided for you. Another parking space is in front of your house.

The exclusive equipment includes: 

- Electric blinds
- underfloor heating
- higher quality flooring in the living spaces
- Real glass shower screen & towel radiator upstairs
- Separate bedroom in the attic
- Additional shower room in the attic
- Hobby room in the basement


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The entrances oriel and prominent saddle roof give the townhouse type aqua a striking face. Expect ca. 180 m2 of living and useable area over four floors, connected by an open staircase. The generous outside area measures around 128 m2.

The ground floor is marked by a room covering combined living and dining area from which you can directly reach your terrace and garden. The kitchen, the guest bathroom and the wardrobe round off the spaces. The upper floor with its three bedrooms and the modern daylight bath offers both privacy and tranquility for your family. The open studio in the attic with its cozy roof sloping is usable in many flexible ways and perfect conditions to relax. The house is built with a basement which grants plenty of space for storage thanks to convenient central local heating. From the basement, you have direct access to your two parking spaces in the underground car park.

Electrical shutters
Underfloor heating
Higher quality living room flooring
Real glass shower enclosure & towel heater on the upper floor
Separated bedroom in the attic
Additional bathroom with shower in the attic
Hobby room in the basement


Mobil: +49 6074 - 9213006

Matthias Pfeifer

Energy certificate/energy usage calculation: Until the heating is in use, the provided values are an energy usage calculation.
All property sizes, ground plans, visualizations and equipment shown in this brochure are just examples. They are not binding and are just for your orientation. Changes are reserved. Decisive are the contractually agreed upon characteristics. Despite scrupulous checking and conscientious work on the brochure, flaws and printing errors are possible. This brochure was made and published in November 2017.

+++ The next model house showing is on the 17th and 24th of November between 11 and 14 o'clock.+++
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