{"obj_regio1":"Nordrhein_Westfalen","obj_furnished":"y","obj_heatingType":"central_heating","ga_cd_cxp_historicallisting":"false","obj_cId":"18088420","obj_lift":"n","obj_balcony":"n","obj_picture":"https://pictures.immobilienscout24.de/listings/f5854c91-c061-4109-8a63-9dde3e940dd1-1318955138.jpg/ORIG/resize/118x118%3E/extent/118x118/format/jpg/quality/80","obj_picturecount":"10","obj_totalRent":"1659","obj_typeOfLiving":"short_term_accommodation","geo_plz":"40878","obj_noRooms":"3","obj_minRentMonths":"2","obj_ityp":"4,active","obj_nonSmoker":"n","geo_land":"Deutschland","ga_cd_via":"standard","obj_immotype":"waz","obj_cwId":"002.01008836157","ga_cd_test_cxp_expose":"Default","obj_scoutId":"113453805","obj_firingTypes":"no_information","obj_ExclusiveExpose":"false","ga_cd_application_requirements":"profile0","geo_bln":"Nordrhein_Westfalen","obj_cellar":"n","obj_livingSpace":"90","geo_krs":"Mettmann_Kreis","ga_cd_maillead_default_shown":"true","evt_count_pm_sig":"showqualicontactform","obj_zipCode":"40878","obj_barrierFree":"n","obj_regio3":"Ratingen","obj_objectnumber":"D 176","obj_condition":"well_kept","obj_regio2":"Mettmann_Kreis"}
Objekt-Nr.: D 176 | Scout-ID: 113453805

A pure feel-good atmosphere! Business apartment with all modern comforts and two bedrooms, in the...

1.659 €
90 m²
Wohnfläche ca.


Bausubstanz & Energieausweis


Apartment in a very well-maintained art nouveau building in the centre of Ratingen. Excellent shopping facilities can all be found in the vicinity. The bus station is just a short walk away, and the 712 takes you to Düsseldorf city centre in about 18 minutes. The Ratingen Ost local rail station is about a quarter of an hour’s walk way. From here the S6 route takes you to Düsseldorf’s main rail station in about 18 minutes. Düsseldorf airport is around 7.5km away and the Messe Düsseldorf trade fair centre is only about 10km away. The A44/A3, with connections to the greater Düsseldorf/Cologne region, and the A52 with its ideal connection to the Ruhr area are both just 5 minutes or so away. The surrounding streets offer ample car parking opportunities. Or if you prefer, you can rent a garage parking space in the immediate vicinity. Energy certificate details: Building constructed in: 1921. Energy certificate, value: 102 kWh/(m²a). Energy source: natural gas, Energy coefficient: D
This is a non-smoking property.


Are you searching for something extraordinary? Then look no further! This generously proportioned apartment, across two storeys, absolutely lives up to your high expectations in respect of quality and comfort. The kitchen area features a high quality fitted kitchen unit, including dishwasher and fully automatic coffee machine, and of course, tableware and kitchen utensils are also provided for you. Next to the kitchen area you will find a high quality bathroom featuring a floor-level shower. The dining table offers space for four people. The living area is furnished with a cosy sofa and an LCD TV. From here you can access the rear-facing balcony with its glorious view of greenery. The adjoining master bedroom houses a double bed and a spacious wardrobe. The second bathroom is directly accessible from the bedroom and features a bath. A staircase takes you to the second bedroom under the gable. This bedroom too also houses a high quality double bed, and there is plenty of space to store your clothing. The rent is € 1659 including 7% VAT for one person. This includes all service charges, use of the high speed internet connection, a caretaker service and the weekly cleaning service. Please enquire about the rent for occupancy by two people. If desired, laundry and ironing services, along with other additional services, can be arranged at additional cost. The property owner is responsible for final cleaning at the end of your stay. This will be invoiced according to the work involved, at a rate of € 25 per hour.


Ratingen is an attractive small town offering high quality living and recreation opportunities. Extraordinarily fine residential areas can be found in the north, near the extensive Ratinger Wald woods. All worthy of a mention are Hösel, with its neat villas and bungalows, Lintorf and Tiefenbroich, which are more down to earth, and Homberg, which is smaller and hilly, and more typical of the Bergisches Land district. To the south and west, Ratingen borders the state capital Düsseldorf, to the north the cities of Duisburg and Essen and the town Mülheim an der Ruhr, and to the east the towns of Heiligenhaus, Wülfrath and the administrative district town of Mettmann. Ratingen’s close proximity to Düsseldorf airport, which is situated just a few kilometres away, ensures that flight destinations within Germany, the rest of Europe and overseas are all within easy reach. The airport’s rail station, with its links to the ICE international rail network, lies directly on Düsseldorf’s border with Ratingen. It can be easily reached by bus, taxi or your own car, offering direct access to the national and international rail network. Ratingen lies in the centre of a triangle formed by the A3 (Cologne–Oberhausen), A52 (Düsseldorf–Essen) and A44 (Mönchengladbach–Ratingen) motorways, meaning it enjoys an outstanding connection to the motorway network.


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