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Objekt-Nr.: 3476-TST | Scout-ID: 111996842

Classic villa in the nobel quarter Grunewald

6.000.000 €
395 m²
1.115 m²
Gäste-WC Einliegerwohnung

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The originally located on the northeast side main entrance was relocated to the central axis of the street-side facade and thus emphasizes the symmetrical layout of the house. In continuation of the central entrance situation the villa received in the foyer a centrally located representative staircase to the upper floor. An external staircase compensates for the height difference between the ground floor and the railing surface.

On the garden side of the house is a terrace, which is covered with very light granite. A wide staircase leads down to the garden. The railing is executed in wrought iron work fitting to the other railings. To illuminate the garden are several classic stand lights, matching the railings. 

A solid metal fence made of vertical bars separates the terrain from the neighboring properties. The street-side enclosure consists of classically shaped concrete pillars in coordinated colourfulness to the villa as well as wrought-iron fence fields. Mailbox and house number are executed in polished brass.

The house enters via a light porch and passes through a double-winged glass door into the foyer. The entrance area welcomes the visitor with a representative sweeping staircase made of fine wood (sapeli) and a light-looking wrought-iron railing. A white marble floor gives the room a generous elegance. The walls carry one high-quality smoothed surface (stucco pompeji). An illuminated built-in wardrobe and a large framed mirror and an adjoining guest toilet with toilet, bidet and Column wash basins provide all the necessary comfort.

Following the style of the villa is the living area in a classic decent ambience held. A white marble floor with a surrounding light brown frieze and one by restrained stucco elements embossed ceiling give the room his character. In the ceiling stucco strip is over the windows place to the hidden attaching the curtain rails intended. The walls are in high-quality filling technique (Stucco pompeii) in a slightly tinted white executed. A fireplace increases the elegance of the room and contributes to the pleasant atmosphere.

In the kitchen, the classic style of the villa continues. The kitchen furniture of the company POGGENPOHL are in a cream-colored gloss kept. Round brass handles liven up the fronts. The worktop is made of coffee brown granite. A GUTMANN island hood over the cooking route leads the exhaust air outdoors. All fitted kitchen appliances come from MIELE.

Close to the open kitchen adjoins the dining room, which gives the incoming morning sun a friendly atmosphere at the beginning of the day.  The wall surface, also in Stucco pompeji, is held here in a warm terracotta tone. Both the open kitchen and the adjoining dining area are equipped with a white marble floor.

The villa has five bedrooms, some with adjoining bathrooms. All bedrooms are designed and have with light oak parquet and many a small balcony exit. The bedroom in the attic is equipped with a built-in wardrobe and a sideboard in the style of the villa. A folding and swiveling ceiling mount for one screen allows TV enjoyment from the bed.

There is a complete installation bus system installed in the villa. With the BUS system are u.a. also the security systems in the rooms and at the windows centrally controllable. The house is accessed via the broadband cable network (BK network). Of course, the needs-based equipment with junction boxes for telephone, antenna and data technology.

Basement of the house is a wellness area consisting of a swimming pool with heated lounger, sauna with plunge pool and shower and a toilet. A direct exit leads from the swimming pool to the garden.

The villa has under the garden area an underground car park for 3 cars. It is equipped with a wooden sectional door, matching the style of the house, closed. The garage roof is green and lies at the height of the terrain level. The garage entrance is heated.

The energy pass is available for inspection.



• ceiling height on the raised ground 3.45 m
• air conditioning on all floors
• high quality 4 bathrooms
• underfloor heating
• 2 balconies & 3 terraces
• mint kitchen POGGENPOHL with appliances MIELE
• 3 underground parking spaces
• BUS system (Smart Home)
• modern alarm system
• noble wooden staircase
• white marble floor
• oak parquets
• swimming pool
• Sauna, SPA area
• outdoor lighting
• automatic blinds on all windows


The VILLA COLONY GRUNEWALD in the east of the district is the most luxurious within the Berlin city center, especially around the Königsallee to Hagenplatz.

Here are numerous sumptuous villas in eclectic style (with a mixture of country house, Art Nouveau, English Tudor and Wilhelminian style). There are several large landscaped gardens, as well as embassies, post-war apartment buildings, and post-modern luxury villas.

In the 1920s, entrepreneurs, politicians and many stars and starlets lived here; Prominence still exists here. Some of the villas are right next to the Grunewald.

The Avus cuts through Grunewald, on the western side is the Berlin Forest Grunewald, a classic Berlin pine forest with a small proportion of mixed forest. Its border in the west is the Havel.

Among other things, there is the Schlosshotel Grunewald from 1913, furnished by Karl Lagerfeld. In addition, the Grunewald Tower, the Teufelsberg (a 111 meter high Schuttberg with a great panoramic view) and the Teufelssee.

In the south there are with the Grunewaldsee (as Hundesee verschrien because of the numerous dog owners here their favorite run wild) and the belonging to Zehlendorf Schlachtensee and Krumme Lanke more lakes.

The northern Grunewald also has two lakes: the Diana Lake and the Dog Throat Lake (home to a summer residence of Queen Elizabeth II).


S-Bahn 250 m
BVG bus station 200 m
Elementary school 3 km
Supermarket 250 m
Tegel Airport 8.8 km
Schönefeld Airport 25.5 km
Berlin Main Station 19.4 km
Free University 5.5 km


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