{"obj_regio1":"Nordrhein_Westfalen","obj_furnished":"y","obj_heatingType":"central_heating","ga_cd_cxp_historicallisting":"false","obj_cId":"847083","obj_lift":"n","obj_balcony":"n","obj_picture":"https://pictures.immobilienscout24.de/listings/75875fd4-12ed-4f02-ad80-2ff7306b7ee8-1290550963.jpg/ORIG/resize/118x118%3E/extent/118x118/format/jpg/quality/80","obj_picturecount":"10","obj_totalRent":"1500","obj_typeOfLiving":"short_term_accommodation","geo_plz":"45527","obj_noRooms":"3","obj_minRentMonths":"1","obj_ityp":"4,active","obj_nonSmoker":"n","geo_land":"Deutschland","ga_cd_via":"standard","obj_immotype":"waz","obj_cwId":"001.847083","obj_scoutId":"111195311","obj_firingTypes":"no_information","obj_ExclusiveExpose":"false","ga_cd_application_requirements":"profile0","geo_bln":"Nordrhein_Westfalen","obj_cellar":"n","obj_livingSpace":"95","geo_krs":"Ennepe_Ruhr_Kreis","ga_cd_maillead_default_shown":"true","obj_zipCode":"45527","obj_barrierFree":"n","obj_regio3":"Hattingen","obj_objectnumber":"BO 1955","obj_condition":"well_kept","obj_regio2":"Ennepe_Ruhr_Kreis"}
Objekt-Nr.: BO 1955 | Scout-ID: 111195311

Wonderful apartment with patio in Hattingen’s Blankenstein district. Bathed with light and featur...

1.500 €
95 m²
Wohnfläche ca.
Garten/ -mitbenutzung


Bausubstanz & Energieausweis


Ground floor apartment, bathed in light, with patio and view of the greenery in the garden. The apartment is located in Hattingen’s Blankenstein district. Thanks to its excellent connection to the A43 motorway, the centres of Bochum and Witten can be reached in around 15 minutes. A bus stop and shops can also be found in the vicinity. Internet (wi-fi) available. By arrangement you can also have use of a washing machine and a dryer. The rent already includes running costs, heating costs plus electricity for one to two people. If occupied by three people, the rent increases to €1770.00. The property owner does not yet have an energy certificate, but it has been requested.


Fully furnished apartment, featuring spacious living area with corner sofa, recliner, flat-screen TV and a view of the patio and garden. The spacious dining kitchen leaves nothing to be desired, and features among other things a fridge with freezer compartment, dishwasher and oven, plus dining area to seat up to six people. The bedroom is furnished with a double bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers. Another room can be used as a study or guest room, and features a desk, sofabed and wardrobe. Bright bathroom with window, shower and bath.


Hattingen is a small town on the Ruhr, rich in tradition and bordering Essen to the east. The picturesque old town (known colloquially as ‘Rothenburg on the Ruhr’, after a delightfully scenic town in Bavaria) defines visitors’ impressions of the town centre. Since the decline of industry and the resulting structural changes, the region is characterised by sectors such as retail, waste management, hi-tech and tourism. A local rail line takes you to Essen.


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