{"obj_regio1":"Hessen","obj_heatingType":"floor_heating","obj_cId":"18083476","obj_newlyConst":"y","obj_plotAreaRange":"1","obj_picture":"https://pictures.immobilienscout24.de/listings/fc4bba1d-99cf-4666-8e74-253692309a22-1271367567.jpg/ORIG/resize/118x118%3E/extent/118x118/format/jpg/quality/80","obj_picturecount":"9","obj_pricetrend":"12.93","obj_lotArea":"114","obj_usableArea":"28.3","obj_yearConstructed":"2020","obj_project_id":"75421","ga_cd_test_cxp_ads":"ADS1406_ON","obj_pricetrendbuy":"12.93","obj_scoutId":"109775079","obj_noParkSpaces":"2","obj_firingTypes":"local_heating","obj_ExclusiveExpose":"false","obj_courtage":"n","geo_bln":"Hessen","obj_cellar":"y","obj_purchasePriceRange":"9","obj_yearConstructedRange":"9","obj_houseNumber":"no_information","obj_pricetrendrent":"6.53","obj_livingSpace":"143.9","geo_krs":"Wetteraukreis","obj_zipCode":"61118","obj_condition":"first_time_use","ga_cd_test_cxp_expose_widgets":"MYSC4678_A","obj_interiorQual":"sophisticated","ga_cd_cxp_historicallisting":"true","obj_street":"no_information","obj_streetPlain":"no_information","geo_plz":"61118","obj_noRooms":"5","obj_constructionPhase":"under_construction","obj_groupnumber":"810","obj_ityp":"103,inactive","geo_land":"Deutschland","ga_cd_via":"premium","obj_immotype":"haus_kauf","ga_cd_test_cxp_expose_contact_flow":"DEFAULT","obj_rented":"n","obj_cwId":"002.01008830034","ga_cd_test_cxp_expose":"RECO101_ITEM_BASED","obj_purchasePrice":"667400","ga_cd_application_requirements":"profile0","obj_numberOfFloors":"4","obj_buildingType":"mid_terrace_house","obj_noRoomsRange":"5","ga_cd_maillead_default_shown":"true","obj_barrierFree":"n","obj_international":"n","obj_regio3":"Bad_Vilbel","obj_objectnumber":"BV 7.12 E","obj_livingSpaceRange":"4","obj_regio2":"Wetteraukreis"}
Objekt-Nr.: BV 7.12 E | Scout-ID: 109775079

Fantastic townhouse with well-designed, spacious rooms

667.400 €
143,9 m²
114 m²
Gäste-WC Keller Provisionsfrei


Bausubstanz & Energieausweis

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The modern townhouses follow a clear and - at the the same time - manifold architectural language. By way of color nuances and facades partially made of clinker, each townhouse has its individual character. French balconies and various different window sizes - sometimes floor-to - ceiling windows - will highlight this individuality. At the same time, this will lead to a bright, cosy room atmosphere inside and will open up the visual interrelation into the landscaped gardens. Shadow joints visually separate the houses from each other and reinforce the appearance of solitaires side by side. Different house widths round off the balanced picture offering space adapted to the very individual space requirements. Various different equipment packages and options for layout allow to further design the houses in accordance with the own demands. Clearly structured rooms will allow high flexibility for an individual layout Large-sized windows will offer views into the elaborately designed landscaped gardens. The interior equipment of the townhouses will convince you with a carefully combined selection of top-quality materials.


• Comfortable room heights of approx. 2.62 m
• Large-sized windows, partially floor-to-ceiling windows, triple glassed
• Modern room concepts with spacious rooms
• High data speed via broadband house Connection

At a glance
• Really divided plot of land
• Living areas of roughly 135 to 190 sqm
plus basement
• Fully equipped bathroom
• Separate guest toilet
• Spacious living-dining area
with open-plan kitchen
• Landscaped gardens towards the south
with a spacious terrace
• Completely finished outdoor facilities
• Sophisticated green concept
• Private residential paths between the houses
• Entrance door with increased security requirements
• Windows on ground floor made of security class RC2N
• Burglar alarm optionally available
• Access to underground car park exclusively for residents
Top companies at Bad Vilbel
• Stada:
Listed pharmacy group
approx. 1,000 employees at Bad Vilbel
• Hassia Group:
Mineral water and soft drinks
approx. 500 employees at Bad Vilbel
• Laymeyer International:
Service company engaged in engineering and consulting
approx. 350 professional specialists and employees at
Bad Vilbel

• Solid oak wood parquet, optionally oiled or sealed
• Large-sized tiles of renowned brands
• Duravit washbasins and sanitary objects, well-known
for highest quality in workmanship and service life
• HansGrohe armatures in modern or
classic design
• Separate guest toilet
• Utility room with sink
• Complete bathroom with bath tub, level-access shower
with glass partition, towel radiator and toilet
• Low-temperature floor heating
• Sun protection through external, electrically-operated
shutters made of aluminum
• Smart-home system available as an option
• High data speed via broadband house 

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In the middle of nature but very close to the metropolis  –
living relaxed enjoying the highest quality of recreation

The new urban quarter Stadtgärten Bad Vilbel
combines the freedoms and possibilities or retreating of the idyllic and charming spa town of Bad Vilbel with the hustle and bustle of the metropolis Frankfurt am Main. At three sides framed by the north-eastern districts of the big city, the unique location guarantees a direct and fast connection to the hotspots of the financial and banking center. Towards the north, Bad Vilbel, the town of the springs, opens up into the wide green of the Southern Wetterau, is famous for its spas and is much appreciated for a long time for its very comfortable climate: a fresh wind from the nearby Taunus nearly daily provides for a complete air exchange in the the town. The nearby city forest, the expansive spa park and the idyllic fruit growing fields invite for recreation. The attractive downtown area with the sophisticatedly renovated townhouses,
the modern shops and a large number of high-quality gastronomic offers generates a high quality of dwelling and staying. Contemporary highlights of architecture,
such as the municipal library on the Nidda bridge, meet with entertaining theatre performances during the Castle Festival, a diversified open-air cinema program  and the lively cultural, sports and leisure time offers.


The value of the complete urban quarter is underlined by the elegant appearance of the ensemble of the townhouses.

• Individual townhouses of the renowned architects "Die Baufrösche"
• Landscaped gardens towards the south
• Sustainable KfW efficiency house 55 acc. to EnEv 2016
• Optional equipment packages and layout options

At a glance
• Really divided plot of land
• Living areas of roughly 135 to 190 sqm
plus basement
• Comfortable room heights of approx. 2.62 m
• Modern room concepts with spacious rooms
• Large-sized windows, partially floor-to-ceiling windows
• Fully equipped bathroom
• Separate guest toilet
• Spacious living-dining area with open-plan kitchen, Parking and bikes
• 2 car parking lots in the underground car park, one of them equipped with a 230V socket
• Private underground car park exclusively accessible for residents
• Parking places for bikes in the underground car park
• Direct access from the underground car park to the townhouse/basement
  • Quartier Stadtgärten Bad Vilbel 1 GmbH & Co KG