{"obj_regio1":"Nordrhein_Westfalen","obj_furnished":"y","obj_heatingType":"central_heating","ga_cd_cxp_historicallisting":"true","obj_cId":"33110","obj_lift":"n","obj_balcony":"n","obj_picture":"https://pictures.immobilienscout24.de/listings/ab0e08c3-870e-48df-a4ec-aa099d3fa468-1265569249.jpg/ORIG/resize/118x118%3E/extent/118x118/format/jpg/quality/80","obj_electricityBasePrice":"90.76","obj_picturecount":"10","obj_totalRent":"1480","obj_typeOfLiving":"short_term_accommodation","geo_plz":"45133","obj_noRooms":"3","obj_minRentMonths":"2","obj_ityp":"104,inactive","obj_nonSmoker":"n","geo_land":"Deutschland","obj_galleryAd":"disabled","ga_cd_via":"standard","obj_electricityKwhPrice":"0.1985","obj_immotype":"waz","ga_cd_test_cxp_expose_contact_flow":"DEFAULT","ga_cd_test_cxp_ads":"ADS1406_ON","obj_dfpZipCodeCluster":"EON_Sommergas,EON_Strom_Neu,OBI_Kueche_Projektmaerkte,OBI_TKK-Maerkte,RWE_Solar_VAG,RWE_Umziehen_VAG,RWE_Waerme_VAG,Telekom_Aktionspreis_A","obj_cwId":"001.33110","ga_cd_test_cxp_expose":"RECO101_ITEM_BASED","obj_scoutId":"109343223","obj_firingTypes":"no_information","obj_ExclusiveExpose":"false","ga_cd_application_requirements":"profile0","geo_bln":"Nordrhein_Westfalen","obj_cellar":"n","obj_livingSpace":"80","geo_krs":"Essen","ga_cd_maillead_default_shown":"true","obj_zipCode":"45133","obj_barrierFree":"n","obj_regio3":"Bredeney","obj_objectnumber":"E 3779","obj_condition":"no_information","obj_regio2":"Essen","ga_cd_test_cxp_expose_widgets":"MYSC4678_A"}
Objekt-Nr.: E 3779 | Scout-ID: 109343223

Welcome! Delightful abode in Essen’s Bredeney district, fully furnished and with wi-fi and much m...

1.480 €
80 m²
Wohnfläche ca.


Bausubstanz & Energieausweis


Appealing, tastefully designed and furnished apartment in the second storey of a small building, situated opposite a small wooded area. Non-smoking property. The tram stop Alfredusbad (routes 107 and 108), a baker and a supermarket are all about five minutes’ walk away. Rüttenscheid and the A52 motorway are both just a short drive away. Parking spaces can be found in the area.
The rent already includes the service charges and heating costs. Electricity must be paid for separately. Regular cleaning of the apartment can be arranged if required.
The property owner does not yet have an energy certificate, but it has been requested.


Lovingly selected and attractively arranged furnishings. The living areas feature plank parquet flooring. Wi-fi internet access. The living room features two divan sofas, a smart TV and a lovely desk area located in a corner. Large dining room with table and six chairs, plus adjoining open-plan kitchen area featuring new fitted corner units with induction hob, dishwasher, fridge with freezer compartment and selection of tableware. The bedroom is furnished with a 1.60m-wide bed and a wardrobe made of real wood. The apartment also features a bright, spacious bathroom with bath, separate shower, washbasin in front of the window and a washing machine. If required, a guest bed can also be made available. Cleaning service also possible.



Bredeney and Schuir are situated about six kilometres south of the city centre, and are the most luxurious and expensive developed areas in Essen. An attraction worthy of mention is the Villa Hügel, former home and seat of the Krupp steelworks-owning family, which today hosts cultural events. In the areas where detached houses can be found, it is not unusual for their grounds to be as large as 2000–3000m². The north-eastern part of the district, around Frankenstraße, is also a fine residential area, nestling in the woods. The west of Bredeney is home to the office park as well as various companies’ administration complexes. Shops can be found on Meisenburgstraße and Bredeney Straße. Public transport connections and the short drive to the A52 motorway are also worth a mention.
  • HomeCompany Services GmbH
  • Rüttenscheider Platz 10
  • 45130 Essen