{"obj_regio1":"Nordrhein_Westfalen","obj_furnished":"y","obj_heatingType":"central_heating","ga_cd_cxp_historicallisting":"true","obj_cId":"18088420","obj_lift":"n","obj_balcony":"n","obj_picture":"https://pictures.immobilienscout24.de/listings/3cef37f9-643f-442c-b2c4-768a4f8c681a-1303293404.jpg/ORIG/resize/118x118%3E/extent/118x118/format/jpg/quality/80","obj_picturecount":"10","obj_totalRent":"960","obj_typeOfLiving":"short_term_accommodation","geo_plz":"40223","obj_noRooms":"2","obj_minRentMonths":"3","obj_ityp":"104,inactive","obj_nonSmoker":"n","geo_land":"Deutschland","ga_cd_via":"standard","obj_immotype":"waz","obj_cwId":"002.01008836157","obj_scoutId":"107441033","obj_firingTypes":"no_information","obj_ExclusiveExpose":"false","ga_cd_application_requirements":"profile0","geo_bln":"Nordrhein_Westfalen","obj_cellar":"n","obj_livingSpace":"54","geo_krs":"Düsseldorf","ga_cd_maillead_default_shown":"true","evt_count_pm_sig":"showqualicontactform","obj_zipCode":"40223","obj_barrierFree":"n","obj_regio3":"Bilk","obj_objectnumber":"W 3017","obj_condition":"well_kept","obj_regio2":"Düsseldorf"}
Objekt-Nr.: W 3017 | Scout-ID: 107441033

Feel straight at home! Apartment in Düsseldorf’s Bilk district, close to the university hospital

960 €
54 m²
Wohnfläche ca.


Bausubstanz & Energieausweis


Cosy apartment in a tasteful two-family building situated in a quiet side street. The university and university hospital are just 1.5–2 kilometres away. The property enjoys excellent transport connections. Bus route 726 stops around 50m from the building. The bus journey into the city centre takes about 10–12 minutes. The station for the U72 underground rail route is around 150m from the building, and travelling into the city centre by this method also takes around 10–12 minutes. You can reach the A46 motorway in just three minutes. This is a non-smoking property. The property owner does not yet have an energy certificate, but it has been requested.


The apartment offers a very pleasant feel-good atmosphere. Exposed beams divide the living area into a dining area for four people and an extremely cosy living area offering two sofas and an LCD TV with DVB-T2 antenna reception. The bedroom is furnished with a wardrobe and a 1.4m-wide bed. Bedlinen is provided. The bathroom features a shower and a window to provide natural light. In the fitted kitchen you will find a ceramic hob, oven, fridge-freezer and a basic selection of crockery and cooking utensils. A wardrobe and large shoe cupboard can be found outside the apartment door. If desired, you can also have the use of a small patio and a washing machine in the basement.  The rent of € 960 for one person includes heating costs, running costs and use of the internet connection. The tenant is responsible for arranging electricity. The final cleaning will be charged in regard to the caused effort with 25 € per hour.


Bilk is Düsseldorf’s most densely populated district, and also one of the most interesting. Ever since the former medical academy in Bilk was expanded and became a university at the end of the 1960s, Bilk has remained a popular residential area among university employees. The university currently has around 24,000 students. Facilities such as the Metropol arthouse cinema on Brunnenstraße or the Salzmann building on Himmelgeister Straße, which is a former industrial complex and which today houses cultural facilities such as the Jazz-Schmiede, provide the district with its own pronounced and diverse culture. Bilk is also very popular thanks to its beautiful older buildings on tree-lined avenues. Inexpensive student accommodation can still be found here. The university is just a short distance away, and the botanical gardens on its perimeter are always worth going for a walk in.
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